Thursday, December 6, 2012

This was in Union Sq Park on Oct 3rd, a vigil for Pvt. Danny Chen.  Since then so many of those court marshaled have been given sentences by the military court in Fort Bragg that are far more than unjust, but are an insult to this nation, to the Asian American community and particularly to Danny's parents.  For the latest details about this case and consistent coverage see New York.  

The toll on our community is a story yet to become public. People are suffering in silence away from the cameras.  Not the parents who dutifully appear for their son, and for yes - us too, so we can witness vicariously their continuing grief.  Rather all of those who have gathered and continue to gather in support for this fight for justice.  Here you can see a moment when the two people representing us in Congress & the NYC Council embrace each other, two women who know the pain and share the suffering.  

Here Mrs. Su Zhen speaks with the assistance of a translator.

In the background signs can be seen of the African American father Hanson McPherson from Staten Is. standing up for his son, demanding justice for his wrongful death, attending many of these rallies. The military has done nothing to review the McPherson case which is still outstanding. 

The community of Lower Manhattan and many who join from other areas, are all volunteers, including the drummers seen here. 

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