Friday, December 7, 2012
Division St. and Bowery Nov 1

Nov 1 Thursday in the midst of the downtown blackout the city looked quite different at night. 
This is the Bowery in front of Confucius Plaza with only the lights from the cars.
Traffic lights were not working, police had to be there to control traffic approaching Manhattan Bridge. 
Traffic on Division St was all jammed up

At night on Division St people hung around outside talking, as in many parts of the city below 34th St.
Lucky it was not cold yet.

Also on Division St past Allen St I was lucky to find a bar open at 8pm that still offered hamburgers, else there was nothing to eat in Chinatown.

Such a friendly place, 

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SAWCC Auction

SAWCC, an organization of South AsianWomen artists got together to hold their annual auction at the Thomas Erben Gallery on 26th St on October 23rd.  The gallery was packed.  Below are a few of the art works that were available. About sixty works were auctioned.
Vandana Jain - Dazzle Unicorn

Samira Abbassy - Love and Ammunition 2
Tara Sabharwal - Red Rain

Nancy Friedemann - Fagua at Night

Vaidehi Kikhabwala - Matamorphosis, Distortion, Progression

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OWS Birthday

September 17, OWS birthday, for those who were not there and could not make it, these images can give you a taste of the day.  Occupy Wall Street came back as if it had never left.  

These Forty-two images shows at least a bit of what one person saw.  Look and you will see, for example the clergy in the rose color robe just before the march began.  A few minutes later he was the first to be arrested.

The music these guys came together and created on the spot was fabulous.  If only I had good sound recording equipment.

The next six images are from that evening.  Sorry, to much to move them into cronological order.

These three in wheel chairs got arrested and were waiting to be moved.

The gentleman is opposed to $ in Washington.

This is where the music really go hot.

This fireman captain from NJ wore many hats.

This Asian family were very proud to have their little daughter take a picture next to the band.

This officers sign is worth reading.

After lunch in Battery Park discussion groups reigned.

She made her own outfit to wear on this special occasion.

Take note Byzantium Security

It was a great day.

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