Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Video: Conversation with Zhang Hongtu and Robert Lee at Queens Museum

This video is a documentation of the Conversation with Zhang Hongtu and Robert Lee at Queens Museum. As the closing event of Hongtu's solo show at Queens Museum, this panel talk covers several major topics in Hongtu's unique life experience and legendary art career. See highlights below to forward to specific questions.



Hongtu discussing censorship in China and freedom in the US 00:25

Hongtu on his personal experience during Cultural Revolution & the worship of Chairman Mao 05:17

Hongtu reflecting on the use of Mao image in his early works 08:24

Robert Lee talking about Hongtu's work in the context of modern history and art history 13:27

Cheryl McGinnis pointing out the key differences between Hongtu's Mao image and Andy Warhol's use of Mao 19:37

Mark on the rarely known history of Hongtu and the Chinese artist group in 90's New York 22:40

Robert Lee on Hongtu's legacy and influence on Asian American Arts 36:30

Zhang Hongtu, Artist; Robert Lee, Director of Asian American Arts Centre; Luchia Meihua Lee, Guest Curator

Videographer/ Editor: Weigang Song
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