Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is the second week we've been in Zuccotti Park.  It was crowded with people and tents, not much space to put the banner, so we hung it high above the artwork of an artist at the park.  A man and his son stopped by and help to hold the banner.

Mae Lee (on the right) and Bernice, Mae Lee's staff (on the left) holding the banner.

On the left, the African American man holding the banner is the artist who did the artworks presented below the banner.  

Painting of soldiers by the African American artist titled "We're 99%".  He was interviewed by news teams and artists from Europe when we were there. 

"Compassion is our New currency" poster taken on a cold weathered day during the week of October 16th.

Discussion at 5pm on the second Saturday at the park. 

Drumming group on Saturday.

This is from the first Saturday on October 15th.

The Sacred Space corner, holding various ceremonies, prayers, yoga, and spiritual events.

 A man from Shanghai.  He had been living in the U.S for 10 years.  He is almost always at the Zucotti park, and he carries his banner on his neck everyday.

On Saturday October 15th at Washington Square Park, there was a general assembly called to decide whether OWS was going to occupy Washington Square Park at night, thus expanding from Wall Street. 

There was a lot of enthusiasm and probably over a thousand people at the general assembly.  However, after a long discussion (with probably not enough time to do this effectively).  The occupation of Washington Square Park did not succeed, and about 10 people were arrested.  

In Zuccotti Park on Sunday the 23rd.  Impromptu gathering of friends who are in a sacred moment together, which demonstrate the character of the energy of the people in Liberty Plaza. 

A young girl in the park displays a figure that she made called "The Nameless 99%".
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