Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Angela Davis addressing everybody in Liberty Plaza on Sunday October 30th.

Angela Davis in the park after her talk.

Audience listens to Angela speak.
The banner in front of Brooklyn Bridge.  Eung Ho Park (on the left), Alex Hing (in the middle) is holding the banner.  Alex Hing is a representative for National Groups of Asian Americans who are active in Unions. 

Banner in front of city hall on November 5th.

Another photo of the banner in front of city hall.

Banner by city hall, in front of a sculpture.

In Chinatown, Alex Hing (in the middle) is holding the banner.  A demonstration at the Bank of America is taking place behind the banner.

Demonstrator giving a speech. 

 Another picture of the banner in Chinatown.

Bob Lee (in the middle), between two artists,  Eung Ho Park (on the right), Chuck Yuen (on the left) at Zuccotti Park. 

Banner in front of St. Paul's church. 

Banner in Zuccotti Park.

Banner in Zuccotti Park.

Bill Record, an advocate for the Native American Peace Principles. 

Dekota Elder Calvin Pompana is giving an introduction of the Native American culture and its Peace Principles to the Visions group.

Dekota Elder Calvin Pompana continues his talk.
 Native American table in Liberty Plaza.
Max Rameau, the leader of the "Take Back the Land" movement talk at the NYC graduate center on the evening of Tuesday, November 8th.  Max compares OWS to his movement of "Take Back the Land" as one is occupation, while the other is a liberation movement.  It is a very informative talk.
Max Rameau is a Pan-African theorist, campaign strategist, organizer and author.
Max moved from Washington, DC to Miami, FL in 1991. in the summer of 2006 as the devastating impacts of gentrification took root, Max helped found the organization which eventually became known as Take Back the Land. In October 2006, they seized control of a vacant lot in Miami and built the Umoja Village, a full urban shantytown, addressing the issues of land, self-determination and homelessness in the Black community. His book Take Back the Land, details the experiences and political theory behind the Umoja Village. He currently does support work to Take Back the Land’s local action groups and other organizations that are building a national movement for economic and racial justice.

Audience listens as Max speak. 

At the Zuccotti Park on November 5th.

Saturday November 5th at the park. 

  Night at the park on Saturday.  

 Tents at the park at night.

 Saturday night at Zuccotti park. 

At the Sacred Space corner.  People are holding hands, praying and meditating.

The Sacred Space corner. 

The person on the right is responsible running the place where clothing are managed.  The person on the left is holding a new born puppy.  There is a particular needs for shoes and boots. (Now after the raid, supplies donated will still go to their storage of such things for the Winter, but we have yet to see if the camp site will be restored.) 

Another night scene at the park. 

Photo taken on the day when there was hail. 

People with tents after the snow/hail/rain storm.

Inside the tent during this unexpected weather.

People Of Color (POC) meeting on Wednesday, November 2nd.

POC meeting November 2nd.

POC meeting November 2nd.

A person guiding everyone on the consenced agreement on how meetings will be conducted and how participants are expected to be respectful of each other.

Guidelines presented at the POC meeting.

POC meeting November 2nd.

POC meeting on November 6th. 

POC meeting on November 6th.  POC meetings are open only to people who identify as people of color,  caucasians are not welcomed to join nor as observers.  Another group has formed in support of the POC group as an anti-racist group.

Protest to stop foreclosures in Liberty Plaza. 

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