Friday, October 21, 2016

Multiple Exposure is a group exhibition featuring works by Yaloo (Ji Yeon Lim), Kira Nam Greene and Soi Park, the three AHL Visual Art Award winners of 2016. 

"From digital video to painting to photography, the three artists employ vastly different media and process of working. However, they all share a common theme that touches upon desire, accumulation, and transformation in exploring various cultural nuances.

"Whether capturing a slice of contemporary life through the lens of media saturated Pop culture or the nuanced balancing act of immigrants trying to reconcile who they are at the intersection of contrasting cultural and sociopolitical economies, the works in Multiple Exposure present intriguing accumulation of multifaceted interpretations and perspectives" 

- Eun Young Choi, Curator & Director of Programs, the AHL Foundation 
(L-R) Artist Kira Nam Greene and curator Eun Young Choi

Artist Soi Park  and her series Young Jeong Sajin (The Funeral Portrait) 
Film still from artist Yaloo (Ji Yeon Lim)

By Kira Nam Greene 
Mello Jello, by Kira Nam Greene, 2016
 Watercolor, gauche and colored pencil on paper mounted on panel 

By Kira Nam Greene 

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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