Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In response to the article "Does Chinese Civilization Come From Ancient Egypt", AAAC ED Bob Lee says: 
  This story of Egypt as the prehistoric source of China does participate in political motives as well, to use archaeology to undermine the ageless enduring notion of China and thus its formidable political prowess. Perception in politics is everything.  
  In a TV program on PBS The Origins of Civilization, historian Michael Wood wrote about the ‘Barbarian West’ - a perspective on the Middle Ages which could be taken as having a similar intent. Many moons ago in Hong Kong there was an organization whose long term goal was to develop evidence to prove Chinese culture came from Southeast Asia. Despite all of its minorities, the coherence of a singular set of cultural notions is remarkably impressive. To attribute this and place this development at anyone other than at China's door holds little credibility.
  DNA indicates Chinese people originated in Africa which I can accept. I don't know if this also can specify approximately how long ago.  The controversy about Egypt as the source of China however is likely to remain a controversy for a while. In terms of the cultural aspects of this question, what we know of its culture at this stage of knowledge production has distinct characteristics quite apart from those that constitute the profile of Egypt. I don't consider this issue implying these two cultures are in some fundamental way identical. Perhaps related, but how related has to be developed. 

 That traditional China has a unique culture and its presence midst the global family of cultures carries a special importance for us all. I don't believe the question of Egypt significantly impacts this understanding. How China's culture embraced the world has a unique stance, direction, tone, evolution and character.  This cultural knowledge may be enlarged but significantly altered, that's hard to see as possible, given the limits we all live with. 
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