Friday, November 14, 2008

Metro Poles In Chinatown

Installation: Interplay by Tamiko Kawata
Theme: Water
Medium : Toothpaste

Tamiko Kawata installs Canal St window.
Actually this installation can be seen on street level from the building front entrance of the Charles B Wong Community Health Center at 268 Canal.

Tamiko Kawata installation can be seen all day and evening hours on street level at 268 Canal St - the CBWCHealth Center.

Canal St level Lobby Detail by Wennie Huang

Wennie Huang's Health Center 2ed floor at Walker St installation changed by Katarina.
Health Center street level Lobby change to Tamiko's installation of toothpast by Wennie Huang. Her molecular structures of water using the blue vinyl and out of pink vinyl the silhouette of a fish/woman and a lotus stamen, playing off of Chinese symbols and folk/mythical imagery relating to the water element.

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Written by Lovely

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