Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mo Bahc Painting from 1989

August 2017   After so many years a painting of the late artist Mo Bahc, known now are Yiso Bahc has been found. The painting/collage from 1989, originally painted for AAAC’s CHINA: June 4th exhibition marking the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square, is titled, People+Army=PeoplesArmy. About 24” in width, framed and sealed, the clever wit yet strongly felt image ties together what happened in China 1989 and what is happening today with Pres. Trump threat to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea could repeat the dark logic of that time and bring us again to the edge of disaster. The Tiananmen Sq. exhibition itself, originally retained to exhibit in China, seeks a permanent home where its historical and artistic significance will be appreciated. Consisting of over a hundred artworks, interested parties please contact AAAC for details.
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Written by Lovely

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