Saturday, April 22, 2017

Danny Yung, an experimental artist, hosted an event at The Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreational Centre, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. There, he introduced his renowned figure "Tian Tian,"and allowed children and adults to paint on their very own Blank Boy Canvas.
An Example of a Design that Can be Painted on The Blank Boy Canvas Can
Photo by Bob Lee

Photo by Bob Lee
Photo by Bob Lee
Photo by Bob Lee
Danny Yung's "Tian Tian" is featured in an exhibition, starting April 21st, at 808 Nelson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. There, more of his canvas', which have all been painted on, will be placed on display for the public.

Audience Who Attended the Opening 
Danny Yung (Right) with Tian Tian

"Blank Boy Canvas is a collaboration that unifies modern art culture and North American talent with Hong Kong’s creative godfather; Danny Yung and his character ‘Tian Tian’. Yung derived his name from the Chinese proverb Tian Tian Xiang Shang translating to Everyday Looking Up. The 50 cm three-dimensional canvas has been given to selected artists to freely express, create or alter the subject while exploring the theme of infinite possibilities while capturing the inquisitive and innocent nature of youth."

Photograph of Exhibition

More Examples of Tian Tian
Tian Tian with Glasses and Cape

Ghost Tian Tian

Old Tian Tian: He's Aged but Determined

Heart and Thread Tian Tian

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