Saturday, April 27, 2013

On April 24th, Robert Lee attended the Rubin Museum of Art: Brainwave Panel talk where author Lee Smolin and neuro-scientist Warren Meck discussed the elusive understanding of time in regards to the long and diverse history of Asian art.

Here is a glimpse of what Robert had to comment about. The following conversation took place between Robert Lee and D.K Matai over FB.

DK Matai:  "Quantum physics brought us the cell phone, computers and the Internet and is one of the most successful scientific theories put into practice by humankind. It also presents opportunities for a new evolution in our scientific, social and spiritual understanding."

A new worldview begins to emerge via this quantum-centric understanding, embracing the interconnectedness between Humanity and Nature, Earth and Cosmos, Photons and Entanglement. Quantum entanglement occurs when particles such as photons, electrons, molecules as large as bucky-balls, and even small diamonds interact physically and then become separated. There is a correlation between the results of measurements performed on entangled pairs, and this correlation is observed even though the entangled pair may have been separated by large distances. In quantum entanglement, part of the information transfer happens instantaneously. Repeated experiments have verified that this works even when the measurements are performed more quickly than light could travel between the sites of measurement. Recent experiments have shown that this transfer can occur at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light, which is not to imply that this phenomenon is not instantaneous but it nevertheless sets a lower limit.
Quantum entanglement demonstrates the interconnectedness of the universe; all that is within and without; and it is becoming the centre-piece of advanced research and development in computing, cryptography, telecommunications, healthcare and energy. Its implications are not to be underestimated across all scientific and subjective disciplines.
Quantum phenomena based understanding may finally herald the merger of science and spirituality and take humanity on a new path of consensus rather than confrontation. Do you agree? What are your thoughts, observations and views?

Robert Lee: "Thats a lot to say in so few words. Where can this be read to understand it? Its like the first phrase in a four character childrens Chinese ancient text - "Man is good". A touchstone that needs only consensus. However consensus or conflict is a cultural stance more than a scientific principle and to shift ones values from what one is familiar to values that in technical terms appear to have practical application but in ones bones are as obscure as blindness on the edge of fear. So many walls have been built, Science might pose but it is cultural workers who will make manifest and convince the hesitant and entrenched to take a new path. Ahead the road is still long.
Support arts role in transmitting to our bones a new way of feeling."
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