Saturday, May 26, 2012

 Crowds at the May Day march.

 Crowds at the march

Stop & Frisk banner.

Bergen County banner.

Nepalese women with banner

Meditation group

Meditating group

 Flash Mob meditation.

Child holding sign "Stand Tall For Peace"

Clown Cops

Clown Cops

Woman dressed as puppet

 Castro puppet

People with puppet heads.

Dump Prison-stock banner

By the Federal building

"Too Big to Fail" banner by the Chase bank.

People holding Meditation sign at Canal street.

Cops at Canal street.

Filipino Group

Filipino youth group

Big puppet in the march.

At Houston street.

At Houston street.

Street Vendor group

Cops on the street.

March down Broadway.

A very long banner.

Jews for Racial & Economic Justice

March against racism

Smash Racism banner.

Veterans For Peace

Veterans Against wars

Two veteran banners together. 

Dogs at the march.

At Fulton street.

By the Bloomberg Hall.

By Bloomberg Hall.

By the Municiple building.

By Municiple building.

At the City Hall.

Workers of the World banner

March for worker's rights.

March for worker's rights.

At Zucotti Park.
At  Zucotti park.

 Meditation group at Zucotti park.

 Meditation group at Zucotti park.
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