Thursday, March 1, 2012

Panel Discussion: “Contemporary Japanese Art: Finding its Voice in Japan and Abroad”

A panel discussion will focus on Japanese Contemporary Art through a conversation with a top art critic, museum curator, artist and art dealer, all specializing in Japanese art today. The panel will address how recent historical events, a pervasive pop culture and a volatile economy, along with other aspects of the current social and economic landscape, may influence how fine art is made and marketed in Japan today. 

Panelists: Richard Vine (Art in America), Allison Tolman (Tolman Collection), Nao Matsumoto(Artist), Miwako Tezuka (Asia Society) 
Moderator: Susan Eisner Eley (Susan Eley Fine Art) 

Free to participate 
Seats are limited, so please RSVP at

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Kentaro Hiramatsu
Fumiko Toda

Ayakoh Furukawa

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Written by Lovely

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