Friday, April 1, 2011

Asian American Arts Centre
Together with 
Morning MUSUKO & Tender Hearts Crusade



Featuring live performance by Morning MUSUKO
Participatory art mural for all to join in - done by Mike Ming and Hiro Kurata.


ENTRANCE FEE: $11 (suggested donation, more is welcome)

LOCATION: TENRI CULTURAL INSTITUTE43 West 13th St # A, New York, NY(212) 645-2800 

A collaboration between Japanese and non-Japanese musicians, Morning MUSUKO was formed in December 2010 by New York City based trombonist Joe Beaty. A funky mix of New York and Japan, Morning MUSUKO is expanding Japanese pop music to a wider and diverse audience while giving J-Pop hits a New York music scene twist. This event on April 4th will feature a live performance by Morning MUSUKO, Una Aya Osato & Akiko n’ Nana doing a special tribute song "Tsunami".

Morning MUSUKO is developing a community that actively creates and supports the cross- cultural understanding between Japan and other nations and peoples. Their music seeks to inspire and connect a growing and willing international community to accept and incorporate different cultures, music, and ideas. 

Participatory art mural done by Mike Ming and Hiro Kurata will enable personal messages to be sent to the earthquake victims in Japan. All attendees are invited to contribute a message, drawing, or poem on the mural prepared by Mike & Hiro, which will be displayed in Japan. 

At the door $11 is the suggested donation (more is welcome) for the March 11,2011 Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts. 

The members of Morning MUSUKO include: Joe Beaty & Daniel Barnidge for Arrangements, Daniel Barnidge Conducting, Trumpets are Jonathan Powell, Miki Hirose, Takuya Kuroda, Jon Crowley, on Trombone are Joe Beaty, Adam Dotson, Frank Cohen, on Alto Saxophone are John Beaty, Naoki Iwane, on Tenor Saxophone are Chris Ward and Matan Chapnizka, on Flute is Kaoru Watanabe, on Guitar isAki Ishiguro, on Piano is Senri Oe, on Bass is Jim Robertson, and on Drums is Tomoaki Kanno. 

“I found the performance of Morning Musuko to be really amazing, At times, to me it was a blend of pop music meets the big band era with a bit of Jazz thrown into the mix. Truly unique and memorable.” - Michael G. re: Gerswhin show 12/20/10

100% of proceeds will go to Japan Platform. The Japan Platform is a consortium of 32 different NGO organizations in Japan, and are supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan as a trustworthy humanitarian aid organization. Donations going to the Japan Platform will be distributed to multiple small organizations that are currently working in the affected areas. Japan Platform accepts credit card donations, which is not common for smaller organizations in Japan (wire transfer to a bank account is the most common there). Their website:

For more information, contact Asian American Arts Centre or Morning MUSUKO
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