Thursday, January 6, 2011

Date: Jan 8 - Feb 19, 2011
Location: Earville Opera House, Earville, NY 12222

 Sky Kim - Untitled work #1, (42 inches x 10 yards) 

The title of the exhibit is "SAMSARA" - It is a Sanskrit word meaning the eternal cycle of life.
Sky Kim works in a series of abstract painting/drawings that she would say captures the vital energy of all living beings through microscopic scanning.  The unusual size of the works show that Kim wishes to suggest a new boundary to drawing with her pieces that begin with a 10 yard roll of paper.

On an unconscious level, Kim's work is influenced by the loss of her twin sister at birth.  She believes that remembering her in her art is a way to complete her being in this life. Her scroll series is a record of the energy that she produces at the very moment of creation.  It records her personal time and space, as well as her raw emotion.  The work tells a story that develops over the length of the scroll.  She hopes for her audience to be able to ask themselves who they were before and who they are now as they view the work.  "Following one dot after another all the way into the core of my drawing and connecting dots of their own..." that might lead them to the center of their beings to discover wholeness.

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