Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Princeton Chinese Theatre proudly presents:
its first production in New York: “Thunderstorm” (雷雨)

What: Cao Yu’s (曹禺) “Thunderstorm” (雷雨)
When: April 25, 2010 8 pm
Where: The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College

To book tickets: Reserve online here!
Or email ctheatre@princeton.edu
Or contact the Kaye Playhouse Box Office at (212) 650-3888

Thunderstorm, a milestone in Chinese modern theatre and the most popular dramatic work of Cao Yu, depicts the psychological and emotional turmoil and conflicts that two families of drastically different social statuses must endure as they share an unspeakable secret. Thunderstorm recounts the tragic tale of the prosperous Zhou family and the unfortunate Lu family, who are closely intertwined within a web of convoluted relationships, lies and betrayals. Compelling, unpredictable and heart-wrenching, PCT’s adaptation of this play from paper to stage maintains the essence of Cao Yu’s original masterpiece whilst laying bare the beautiful, the hopeful and the dark sides of human nature for all to see.

To learn more about the show, please go to http://www.princeton.edu/~ctheatre/en/en_main.html

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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