Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Activist Liu ShaoMing Tried for Essays on Tiananmen Square

Untitled, Sharon Garbe, mixed media on door, created for AAAC Tiananmen Exhibition 

Tiananmen Square is an issue that has affected everyone. AAAC mounted an exhibition in response to the confrontation that happened in 1989, and to this day the story continues, its effects reverberating through the trial of labor activist Liu Shaoming. Liu was recently tried in GuangZhou for "inciting subversion of state power". He was detained in May 2015 after publishing his essay ""My Experience Supporting and Joining the 1989 Democracy Movement", which recounts his experience on Tiananmen Square from May 26 to the morning of June 4th, 1989.


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Wednesday, April 6, 2016
EXHIBITION: Rachid Koraïchi- Love Side by Side with the Soul
 At Aicon Gallery, extended to April 15, 2016

Press Release 

"Koraïchi’s work is influenced by a heritage in intellectual Sufism and an early schooling as Quraishite- transcriber of Quranic texts- in the Aurés region in Algeria. Drawing on Arabic semiotics and dwelling on calligraphy as a means of interpretive transcendence, Koraïchi’s work utilizes letters and signage to evoke figurative imagery and enumerate universal messages to a global audience."

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This article and exhibition helps to place Koraïchi’s work in the context of today's political connotation of Islam. On the one hand the MOMA exhibition premise is not only addressing a non-essentialist perspective on Islamic artists, it also suggests reasons not to hold exhibitions based on ethnicity or race (we are all individuals and artists and are expected to have unique creative voices). This tends to support a mainstream Western stance and obscures the impact of the West in terms of political and military policies on particularly non-Western societies.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016
Taichi Chuan classes at the Clemente: co-sponsored by Asian American Arts Centre (AAAC) and the Clemente

Taichi Chuan classes at the Clemente
co-sponsored by Asian American Arts Centre (AAAC) and the Clemente

Taichi Chuan, a martial art form of ancient China, promotes health and wellness. A series of slow continuous movements with low impact on the body, Taichi increases energy and vitality, relieves pain and fatigue, improves balance and coordination, as well as many other health benefits. Coordinated with breathing, Taichi Chuan is known as moving meditation, a practice done regularly builds to enhance mental acuity and wellness. 

Testimonial from a tai chi student.
I am 71.  I started studying Tai chi with Eleanor Yung in the 90's.  I was younger then and did not take my taichi seriously; it was something I did for fun. I stopped for a long while. Maybe six or seven years.  After I stopped I began to notice how my body aged I began to develop arthritis, I gained weight. One day I remembered my tai chi and started doing chapter one it was all I could remember so I did this occasionally and noticed how great I felt after doing it. I started taking tai chi again last year. I was desperate to learn all of the form. So I practiced everyday for one or two hours sometimes more. I also did my chi gung exercises before I did my tai chi as a warm up. This is the way Eleanor taught us long ago. I became more supple and tai chi strengthened both my legs and neck and improved my balance.  In the allergy season the taichi with the chi gung exercises lowers my immune response to pollen. I don't ever want to stop doing my tai chi again.    

Classes start on April 9th, and will continue for 8 classes until June 11thexcept for May 14 and May 28. Classes will take place every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 AM at Studio 202 at the Clemente, located at 107 Suffolk Street(between Rivington and Delancey) on the LES in New York City. (F,M,J,Z to Delancey/Essex train stop) Call (212) 260-4080 for directions.  

The cost for the series is $220, cash or check at beginning of first class. Clemente residents, Clemente and AAAC staff, and senior citizens enjoy a 10% discount at $198.
Individual classes are $35. 

For those interested, please register with Eleanor Yung L.Ac. at

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Eleanor Yung, L.Ac. has been teaching Taichi Chuan and Qigong for more than 20 years, and is teaching at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and private classes. She is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and practices in Chinatown. 
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