Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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Eleanor has started a new Taichi class at Namaste Bookshop. Namaste Bookshop is at 2 West 14th Street just off 5th Avenue, around the corner from the old East West. The class is every Monday at 12 noon.  The class is a beginners class and lasts 50 min. It will cover specific movements of the Taichi form including Grasping the Birds Tail, Bear Arms, Repulse the Monkey, and Brush Knee Half Palm Push. The emphasis will be on the clarity and quality of Taichi movements. There will be a lot of repetition gradually progressing from simple to deeper level of understanding and refinement. Take the elevator to the 11th floor, room 1104. Namaste Bookshop charges $20 for a class.

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Monday, February 25, 2013
Year of the Snake: Chinatown Lunar Year Parade 2013

An annual festival that enlightens and draws out the entire neighborhood, the Lunar New Year Parade took place on Sunday Feb. 16th, stopping all major traffic from the Lower East Side to East Broadway. The Asian American Arts Centre participated in the fanfare as a favored winning hand of mahjong tiles - the three Little Dragons. Despite winds whipping up and tired feet, everyone had a good time. Photos taken by Bob Lee.
 Getting ready to march.
  Choreographed dance in progress. Three step shuffle and then a pop.
 Curious onlookers undeterred by the cold. 
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