Monday, March 14, 2011

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From friends in Japan, AAAC understands donations going to the Japan Platform will be distributed to multiple small organizations that are currently working in the affected areas, not just one huge organization. The Japan Platform  is a consortium of 32 different NGO organizations in Japan, and are supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan as a trustworthy humanitarian aid organization.  They also accept credit card donations, which is not common for smaller organizations in Japan (wire transfer to a bank account is the most common there). 

On march 11th, 2011, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit japan north of Tokyo, causing a devastating tsunami and immense damage on land. still battling power outages and explosions at nuclear plants, hundreds of thousands have been evacuated in the aftermath of the incident, whose death toll is expected to exceed 10,000 persons. In the wake of the disaster, it is up to the rest of the world to help japan. Give what you can, and spread the word to help others do the same.

Emergency Supplies + Food

already onground in japan and accepting donations online to increase the aid they can provide,
the organization delivers boxes of emergency shelters, water, and vital supplies to families affected by disasters.

Medical Aid

direct relief international
working since friday  in the pacific rim, the organization coordinates volunteer efforts
and offers medical assistance in emergencies, providing approximately 30 USD worth
of medical materials and aid for every 1 USD donated. donate online.

doctors without borders (médecins sans frontières)
the organization, which sends licensed doctors to offer free medical aid to those in need,
is expanding the teams it has sent to northern Japan, and is accepting donations online.

international medical corps
text MED to 80888 to make a 10 USD donation from your phone balance.

Onground response and distribution of funds

Global Giving donate online, or text JAPAN to 50555 (US residents) to make a 10 USD donation from your phone balance.

Help Our Furry Friends

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support A local coalition created to positively support rescue efforts for the animals who have been affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Japan March 11, 2011 and its aftermath.
ARK: animal refuge kansai
the organization is accepting volunteers and donations to help animals made homeless by the earthquake and tsunami.

Google Crisis Response Page 
the google crisis response page includes updated information and contact information about the disaster,
a person finder, and donation box to the japanese red cross.
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