Sunday, January 16, 2011

Art Gallery Show

Presented by Circle Arts

Where:     Clemente Soto Velez Gallery

                 107 Suffolk Street (upstairs 2nd flr. follow signs)

                 New York, NY 10002
When:      January 16-29, 2011

Gallery Opening January 18, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time:      7:00pm-10:00pm

Featuring Artists: Betty T. Kao * Carrie Beehan aka Trystette * Courtney Flouer * Efrat Kedem * Jacek Gulla * James Shawn Crumb * Jen Upchurch * Jim Earl/Crash Robin * Kenneth Colosky * Nylaia-Silvia Prado dos Anjos * pamela.vitale * Shalom Neuman * Sean McCallum * Troy C. Frantz *

The visual artist has the ability to create an image which will last beyond their own existence. An epitaph is a written memorial. In this show the artists exhibit a visual epitaph, a commemoration, a self-portrait. Circle Arts creates the oppotunity of a lifetime, to present yourself in the light that you wish to be remembered.
Circle Arts, Inc. is an artist’s resource organization. We have a long history of producing and supporting art that is non-commercial or is far from the mainstream art world.
For more info, go to Circle Arts.
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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