Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"I can't get over the detail." Then Captain Jay Jonas, now Deputy Chief in the Bronx, poses next to his finely detailed image in Yang Yi's "First Responders".
On 9/11, Jay Jonas and Billy Butler, depicted in red and green, survived the collapse when they were trapped on staircase B.

Asian American Arts Centre's photo.

Asian American Arts Centre's photo.Jay knew the names of so many of the people/firemen pictured. The civilians however, we still need people who might recognize them. With little English, the artist, Yang Yi, found these newspaper images and worked them into his compositions. He did this without knowing their names or who they were. Come to see the paintings at 16 Orchard Street, till 7pm, often later, not on Mondays, till Sept 30th, see if you know anyone depicted.

You can find Jay Jonas' 9/11 story here: http://www.thrnewmedia.com/adayinseptember/jonas.htm

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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