Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Toisan aka Hoisan aka Taishan people are still contributing to society to this day since the time our ancestors came to America to build us the transcontinental railroad. Let's come together to meet and greet other fellow Toisanese and friends. Remember there is no shame to speak 'hoi san wah'."

The Toisan Networking Social event took place at Lucky Jack's on Orchard St on August 18th, 2016. It was hosted by Li Hua Mai who introduced the event here, Shirley Ng-Lew and Kim Mui (who has sponsored Tribute to the Cantonese for several years). Kim Mui spoke movingly about Toisan railroad workers, many of whom sacrificed themselves to build it even though their names are forgotten. She wants us to be proud to be Cantonese/Toishanese, to revive our language and to credit those who built the railroad, and to find their names!
The event was crowded, well attended
Li Hua Mai introduces the event
Kim Mui spoke movingly about Toisan railroad workers. She wants us to be proud of be Toishanese.

Shirley Ng-Lew one of the co-organizers

Here are some more pictures from that night:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HI. I'm interested in knowing who wrote your article. We were not aware our event was written up. Would be nice to credit the reporter/blogger? We have another event coming up.

  2. Glad to go through these event photographs and I must say this event was amazing. Recently I too attended similar social event at one of LA event venues. It was really awesome and was very happy to be a part of such event.