Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Room of One's Own: An Exhibition at the Abrazo Interno Gallery in the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center was on display from July 1st, 2016 until July 28th, 2016. Curated by Osman Can Yerebakan, surrounding ideas expressed in Virginia Woolf's long form essay 'A Room of One's Own'. In this essay Woolf discusses the importance of a private room for each woman to create, free of the constraints of the patriarchy. This exhibition is an attempt to create a narrative based on clear or unseen notions within the original text.

Below are several pictures taken by AAAC during a visit to see the show at CSV.

Flavia Souza's work

 Joana Kohen's work

Lana Abu-Shamat with her work

Lana Abu-Shamat

Selime Okuyan's work

Sinan Tuncay's work

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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