Monday, June 23, 2014

Asian American Arts Centre's "China: June 4, 1989" Exhibition show was a great success! We would love to thank all the folks, especially the AAAC staff, Whitebox Art Center, and all of our volunteers, that were a part of putting this show together. We appreciate your time, energy, and sweat - we couldn't have done it without you! 

Furthermore, Asian American Arts Centre wants to thank The Bay and Paul Foundations for their support of this program. Thanks also to Asian Americans for Equality and Manhattan Mini Storage/ Edison Properties Inc. for your continued support. AAAC recognizes the support of individuals, namely Wing Tek Lum, Germaine Wong, Fay Torres Yap, Charles Yuen, Susan Switzer/ Daniel Orlow, Norma Tan, Jeanne Lee Jackson, Edward Ma, Dennis Donohue, Roudy Leath, Paul O'Neil and Liz Young. Thanks to Asian American Writers Workshop as a publicity cosponsor. Special thanks to Whitebox Art Center and to Human Rights in China, and especially to all the artists who participated in this effort, their participation made this exhibition possible.

Lastly, we would like to recognize all the guests that came out to visit and view the "China: June 4, 1989" Exhibition. This exhibition could not have been without your support. As we continue to bring awareness to such historical moments in time through the arts, we hope to inspire others to use creative means to respond and express themselves to the social injustices faced within our communities. 

To see more images of the show, please go to our Facebook and Flickr page! 

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