Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Thousand Pictures' flag.

David Hammond's wife exhibited at 128 Rivington Street gallery early March.  She is an asian, and her nickname is One Thousand Pictures.

One Thousand Pictures' gauze with lentil seeds.

David Hammond's flag.

One Thousand Pictures' chair tangles with cob webs.

Robert Morgan interviewed three artists, who he wrote in his book.  Here, they are taking questions from the audiences.

The event took place at Stuyvesant street in one of the NYU's buildings on March 14.  In the picture, the audience asks questions.

Robert Morgan is answering one of the audience's questions.  

Robert Morgan has written a book about contemporary Chinese arts and has chosen to publish it in Chinese in China.  He is the first to do this.

Wei Dong is speaking and replying to questions about his art.

Lin Yan also replies to Robert Morgan's questions
Art critic, Robert Morgan was featured at an event by Untitled Dialogue.  Untitled Dialogue is the name of a new organization focus largely on contemporary art particularly from China.

Robert Morgan is answering one of the audience's questions.

Shen Chen is answering questions from Robert Morgan.

In this picture, another question is posed from the audience.

The audience.

This is one of Cristii Speakman's works.  The picture was taken with a large camera of  an oil stain on the street pavement, and it shows the comparison between that and a moon with the shadow behind it vividly.

Cristii Speakman and her work, which is shown behind her.  One of them is on a video screen, where the planet moves slowly.  The exhibition took place at Cuchifritos in the Essex Street Market on March 17.

Jessie Henson and Cristii Speakman are presenting their works.

The photo above shows a Hibaku tree, a tree that survived under the radiation of the atomic bomb from the U.S during World War II.

Growing under the radiation from the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, this plant from a Hibaku tree shows clearly how well it has survived.  An artist work that reflects the horror of the atomic bombs in Japan is the art work of Yoshiki Araki. 

The atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed most things.  Some 20 different kinds of tree survived.  These trees had been given the name Hibaku.  The growth of Hibaku trees changed, their tree rings were thicker than they used to be before the explosion,so that indicated how the trees fought to survive.  After three years of struggling, the Hibaku tress finally grew in their normal ways again.

Terrance Chen is a Chinese American author who writes novels related to Asian Americans.  For example, on Tiananmen square, 1989, students massacred.

In one of Terrance Cheng's book, he writes about how Deng Xiao Ping sat in an unmarked car  circling the Tiananmen Square protest and decided to crush it.  This decision in the car is, of course, a fiction.

Terrence Cheng presented his workshops in Lehman College.

Terrence Cheng's talk is about how to write historical fiction.  He uses his own writing about Asian American as an example.

The audience in the workshop includes students and faculty. 

Everyone listening was taken by his insight.

Different Themes
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