Friday, December 7, 2012

Beyond the Block was an event on 6th Ave and 59St in Bklyn sponsored by people in OWS and other local groups in a playground filled with kids playing ball as the stage featured singers and musicians, and tables had lots of informative groups and flyers, artists making art with children participating or watching.  It was activists coming together with a real community on community terms.  I'd never seen Chinese boys pulling up a chair to get front row seats to a rock band near an active basket ball court.

CAAAV was there helping and sharing info right next to an artist making and selling prints.

This is Adrian Roman making art in one section of the playground, and planning to mount the next weeks event with other local groups. Clearly a cool guy.

Next to Adrian was another artist who was completing her painting as this girl looked on.  For those who want to see where OWS went in Sept, well here we are.

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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