Friday, October 19, 2012

At Flomenhaft on Sept 13 Tom Nakashima was chosen by Kay Walking Stick to exhibit with other chosen artists like Roger Shimomura.  I felt sure AAAC exhibited him in the early days, but apparently I'm wrong.  I remember so well his fish swimming around & through these lovely ornamented enclosures. This painting must be around 14' wide.  He paints it one panel at a time.
In this detail you can see the National Geographic Magazine pages from the collapse of the World Trade Center issue.  These are attached to each panel and the painting is done over them.  Here you can see the firemen from one of the illustrated pages.  

This is Tom.  Its been too long.  Clearly a heroic Asian American artist.  This from an article found on Google:  M.F.A., University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana 1967. Currently Eminent Scholar in Art at Augusta State University  “Tom Nakashima is an American of Japanese and Canadian heritage. He is the nephew of famed furniture maker George Nakashima. Nakashima's relatives were sent to the internment camps during WWII, but Tom and his family were spared because his father was a physician attached to the U.S. Army. He is satisfied with being "neither Japanese nor American, " stating, " That's what my work is about".

Have you been to the new home of NYU a/p/a studies dept?  Its called the 7-8 Washington Mews. The blue door.  This is what the "Mews" actually looks like. Its the street, or alley way just above the Washington Square Park off Fifth Ave.  A NYC street like no other. 

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