Thursday, February 24, 2011

Story of the First Art eBook

For over a decade, the author thought about writing a comprehensive contemporary art book - one that would be inclusive, set within a historical context and provide information for art people unaware of the recent past. Late in 2009, a friend, Dr. Angiola Churchill offered her Venetian apartment.  However while working there 6-8 hours, every day for three months, a specter loomed - there was no publisher, staff or money. Previous publishers had disappeared and lack of institutional affiliation dimmed hopes of attracting another firm. ~ I went on writing and thinking. Eventually, three concepts merged: 1) a self-publishing eBook, 2) Internet images - a possibility introduced by my friend/teacher, John Perreault, 3) links to sites.  The solution: links to reproductions could be put into an eBook - thereby bypassing requisite paperwork and cash for illustrations.  The idea made sense, because a major intention was to create a text for college students  who are adept to technology. 

Moreover, the book could be cheap - $9.99 (unlike hard copies) and portable - it could be downloaded into a laptop or electronic devices. ~Home again, I chose a self-publisher who, in spite of promises to the contrary - could not produce an eBook let alone one with live links. Then my son suggested Barnes & Noble's new Nook program. After a year, this publisher had been unable to achieve what Brien Van Wagner did in hours. Perks: Periodic adjustment will ensure that information/book never goes out of date. - Judy Collischan

Accessing the eBook: Barnes and Noble Online Bookstore

* Please pass the word about this eBook to art professors,  students, curators, critics, docents and/or anyone interested in art.

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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